Semiconductor Testing Solution

Case 1

Cost down: conversion from "Low end ATE" to "High end ATE"

Step 1 Pre-analysis

Ex1: assuming hourly rate:  PXX:EXX = 50 US$: 35 US$
  Test Time: PXX is faster than EXX by 20%

# of sites1212
One touch test time (s)1.921.34
Hourly rate (s)3030
Final Yield95.00%95.00%
Good die volume (units)300K348K
Charge per good die from OSAT0.00220.0028
Step 2 On-site verification0.86-18.6%

Tasks and achievement

  • Cost down by performance driving. Faster by 30-40%
  • Cost down by 10-15%
  • More multi-sites in the future roadmap
  • MP release

Case 2

Cost down: conversion from "PS9G + PS1600" to "PS3600+ PS800"

Tasks and achievement

  • Analysis the difference among PS9G/PS1600/PS3600/PS800
  • VPC design & implementation
  • Characterization under (L,N,H) temperature
  • Correlation with FT result & MP release
  • Cost down 35% for upstream customer

Case 3

Right platform for diversified devices

Tasks and achievement

  • Deliver cost effective  solution by picking up right platform
  • Ramp up device from engineering to MP
  • Help to allocate MP capacity