Burn-in Equipment and Solution




Individual temperature control for each device up to 800 W

T range:-40ºC to 150ºC 

Adaptive Liquid Cooling Technology Kit combined with Air Cooling 

2 chamber zones,6 test slots each

1 high current power supply: 3.2 KW(per Slot) 

6 basic power supplies ±20V, 60W(per slot) 

288 I/O channels 20MHz Test Rate 

512MB on board pattern memory(64MV)


Local on BIB DPS-per DUT 

Current / Voltage measurement per single DPS 

High temp. uniformity/Accuracy:± 3ºC with load up to 5KW 

Fast temp. gradient: 5ºC/min with devices turned off 

Per device independent Power Supplies 

Per device independent current measurement

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