Precious Metal Refinery

Benefit to customers

  • recynergy is your partner who can assist you in generating maximizing the value from recyclable materials.
  • recynergy will help to select the most appropriate scrap house in accordance with customer’s scrap goods and gain optimum profit to customer.
  • recynergy commits to a transparency of scrap process and well managed route to comfort our customers’ expectation in quality.
  • No need for additional personnel to handle product wastes. Recynergy takes care of all the execution and lets you focus your resources on your company core.
  • We offer consultancy in e-waste recycling and refinery process.
  • Your oversea assets will be taken care through our scrap houses located in various places.
    • Shanghai
    • Thailand
    • Suzhou
    • Singapore
    • Hong Kong
    • Philippines
    • Malaysia